Vegetable Availability

Each year is different. Sometimes things grow, sometimes they don’t but this is a best guess at what vegetables will be available each month of the vegetable season. Also, at the bottom are some of the types and varieties of specific vegetables available at the St. Marys Farmers’ Market Saturday mornings, mid-May until the end of November.


Tomatoes • Over 30 varieties, cherry, grape, plum, red, yellow, pink, orange, green, many heritage varieties.

Lettuce • Full size Romaine – green/freckled/red; Batavian/Crisphead; Leaf – red/green/oakleaf; Butterheads.

Beets • Round/long red, golden, chioggia/candy stripe.

Kale • Curly, white and red Russian, black/dinosaur/Italian, rainbow Tuscan.

Potatoes • Over 15 varieties including fingerlings, sold in small quantities only.

Radishes • Red salad radishes, daikon, black Spanish.

Squash • Sugar Dumpling, Honey Boat, Red Kuri, Sweet Mama Kabocha, Pepper/Acorn, Butternut, Marina di Chioggia, more info